Harmony Recording Project


I used Garageband and made a harmony to go along with my first melody, I learned what type of chord progressions sound good to people.

My Harmony

I had already written a melody and was asked to write a harmony to play with it. I was still in the key of C and used the note pattern, 1, 3, 2, 1. This included a lot of guessing and checking at first.

Lesson Harmony

I was asked to replicate a popular chord progression found on Hooktheory.com. I used the chord progression 1, 5, 3, and 4, used in songs such as Cryin’ by Aerosmith and Basket Case by Green Day. It wasn’t particularly difficult since the notes to use were given to me.

 Harmony Terms

  • harmonics – hidden notes
  • triad – 3 note chord (major and minor)
  • polyphony – 4 note chords
  • progression – a sequence of chords that sound good played next to each other
  • tonic – the home note
  • dominant – notes that create tension
  • passimezzo antico – a chord progression using a double tonic
  • passimezzo moderno – a chord progression using a double tonic
  • dischord – notes that don’t sound good together
  • dissonance – chords that don’t sound good together
  • passing notes – like passengers who are just passing through the country; not governed by the same rules as those who are entering the country in earnest
  • suspended notes – like passengers who missed their flight
  • 7th chords – gives it a new property, becomes vulnerable, 1, 3, 5, and 7 together
  • diminished chords – changing the size (smaller) the first note is higher
  • augmented chords – changing the size (bigger) the last note is higher

What I Learned and Problems I Solved

I learned how to write a harmony that progresses well and resolves tension using the tonic note or chord. I also learned about all three types of minor scales from Howard Goodall and the history or harmony. A problem I had was determining which chords sounded best with the melody I had already written. After a lot of guessing an checking I found one that works, but after watching How Music Works I learned easier ways to find which notes sound best together.


  • natural, melodic and harmonic minor scales
  • many chords are interchangeable because they have common tones

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