Composition Podcast


We were asked to write a composition and work on improving the sound quality and content of the song week by week. For three weeks we had a set recording time in the studio and we tried to improve the technical aspects of our composition.  We then made a podcast sharing the process and describing each of our three weekly recordings to try and show growth.

21st Century Skills:

We discovered how to work with different types of mics, amps, a mixer, and audio decks. These skills can come in handy in many different situations. We learned which settings on the mixer and amps worked best for the both of us.  We also had more practice with compromising and good communication while trying to create our composition.

Skill Evidence:

Reaction to Final Version:

“Heyyyyyy, that’s pretty goooooood. Maybe if it kept to its original structure it would be better. Thanks Donovan. The bass was good too.” – Chance Morningstar. 2018

“It was good, could be better. I liked the bass playing though.” – Avery Parsons 2018

Evaluation of the Final Version:

“I think that our third/final version is alright but I’m, not completely sure how to feel about the key change and where it’s at. I think I like it, but I’m not one hundred percent sure.” – Cassy

“I think that our third/final version could still be more of our own. We could make it a lil more styled to what we like versus what we were told was needed to improve it. We appreciate the feedback and think it’s a good idea to try something different but it’s not really ‘us.'” – Abbey

What I learned and problems I solved:

During this project process, We learned more about different kinds of mics, amps, and recording techniques. We improved and got practice with communicating and compromising with others. Trying to create a good composition with others isn’t always going to go down stress and setback free. You each have different ideas and you should try their ideas out. You need to try things that you wouldn’t normally do, be a little more open-minded. We learned it’s good to listen to others ideas and thoughts and not be so bias. One problem we faced was when we wanted to “spice things up” in our composition because we felt it was a little “bland”. We tried and tried for about a week and  half to come up with something a little more interesting to add. We had some disagreements and differences but we tried new things and came up with a couple of things we liked. We ended up having a key change at the end and We don’t think it’s too bad.


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